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For the main purpose of ensuring dependable, stable & frictionless ETH 2.0 staking network for crypto enthusiastic and token holders in the ecosystem has led to the synergy of StaFi platform system with imtoken finance for creation of rETH mobile application system into the imtoken wallet to propel the ETH token holders in adding to the development of the undertaking of Ethereum 2.0 marking for more impetus benefits.

This program will run for 28 days stretches, token holders can exchange or stake their ETH resources through the rETH mobile system for incentive reward


The principal motivation behind releasing of imToken wallet is to guarantee consistent reconciliation of users encounters in ensuring adaptable convenience of rETH application network system in a frictionless manner at any specific time.

One of the significant accomplishments of StaFi mobile system is the implementation of rETH in a seamless manner to ensure frictionless liquidity of user’s tokens in the network administrative system and to upgrade the exhibition of ease administrations of rToken for future purposes.

Likewise, this program is an essential method for attracting more investors, token holders into the system platform in participating in the incentive rewards the project offers. Moreover, the reconciliation of rToken will additionally guarantee most extreme and security of crypto resources and assets for the community members. This will improve the ease of use of the imToken wallet by the StaFi to investigate the execution of rETH to exchange, stake, and execute $ETH in the staking pool for adaptable appropriation of rETH application mobile system.


1. Interval

The assessed span of the staking drop is bound to happen between 28 days interval.

2. Rules

There is a motivations award for token holders and users that stake their ETH on the application mobile system, airdrop reward worth $100,000 for community members that partake in the undertaking of the project. The undertaking term is 28 days, where exchanging of vouchers will successfully happen and trade on the network system in the uniswap trade protocol system.


The prize of taking an interest in this task is planned for claimable every day for community members. Users need to include the ERC 20 address into the imToken wallet and effectively see their award dependent on the nature and the quality of the work done.

Participants that follows all the necessary guidelines and steps will receive double rewards on the platform system and also this gives opportunity to users to contributes their own quota to the development of both StaFi and imtoken administrative network system.


The execution of rETH into the imToken will additionally draw in more investors and users into the platform system of both StaFi and imtoken. The collaboration between the two-platform system will further generates more incentives benefits rewards for users of both platform and community members in the ecosystem at large.

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