StaFi , is a decentralised protocol that deals with unfastened fluidity capital of token holders which permits the users to exchange and receive rTokens via the assets traded on POS platform system is synergized with Polkalokr finance with the primary objective of developing centralised market and providing further advancement to decentralised finance in the ecosystem.Their strategic collaboration will permit users to earn rToken through trading and exchangeability of their financial assets on the system platform.


StaFi is a firVst finance Defi system that deals with the unfasten of fluidity stacked assets of user’s. It’s a platform system thatallow users to can accumulate their tokens through trading and staking for further rewards.


• StaFi provides staking network that resolves majority of the liquidity deficiency in the operational system of adminstrative network for the community members. This finance adopts PoS as a safety model for distribution of network service for the users.

• The platform has effectively regulate the inconsistent concerns of price fluctuations in the market world and also solven the adverse concerns of vouchers through the implementation of mainnet which provides stability and security for stakers in the ecosystem.


Polkalokr is the decentralised finance system that integrates multi-chain token locking fo users in the ecosystem. Their primary main objective is to develop trust among the user’s of the platform inside the Defi space by eliminating the human component and insecurity of users token in the administrative system through decoding and provide stability with a consistent advanced experience for token holders for simplicity and offering of frictionless service

Polkalokr system is rebuilding stability, trust & simplicity to complexity token integration in the ecosystems through building dynamic multi-chain token network platform, that puts token distribution seamless for further investments.


StaFi is known to be the main convention of decentralized protocol system that effectively opens the liquidity of marked resources. The local badge of StaFi is FIS. FIS gives high security to the organization of StaFi, fills in as the token for exchange charge installment, and helps in stamping and recovering rTokens on the StaFi Blockchain.

The convention of StaFi comprises of three layers that are application, agreement, and base layers. These layers guarantee the best insight for the users and merchants enlisted with StaFi. The association among Polkalokr and StaFi based around working on the complexities that provides numerous benefits to the DeFi environment by solving the liquidity woes for the users. The groups at StaFi and Polkalokr have held hands to support the standard reception of decentralized finance by setting out more platform system for community members. The organization implement operational policy through sending of the innovation of Polkalokr for the conveyance and locking of the badge of StaFi. Through the organization, Polkalokr additionally looks to investigate the use of the rTokens of StaFi to improve its ease of use in the users and investors of Polkalokr.


The strategic partnerships between the platform system will provide the integration of arrangements of dynamic protocol system on a multi-chain platfor thereby unlocking tokens for users and investors. The synergy between StaFi and Polkalokr will unlock any difficulties that exist in the DeFi space for user’s of both platform for the benefits of community members in the ecosystem at large.

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