StaFi Synergy with WrapFi

Omoniyi Oluwabukola
3 min readJul 31, 2021


WrapFi has joined forces with StaFi for the launching of Genesis project, as a strategic means of rewarding the liquidity providers in the ecosystem. WRA is a customized token of WrapFi finance and it performs two major functions like motivating the WrapFi users and investors, majorly focus on fluidity provider in the ecosystem to develop and improve the quality service function of the protocol system with the WrapFi teams together for betterment of cryptocurrency world at large.

StaFi has synergized with WrapFi to build their resources together and makes it compactible during trading or business transaction in implementation of interest-bearing token for the investors and users of the platform system.

Their partnership tends to unfasted the following features and benefits for community members as follows:

• Implementation of IBT

WrapFi has collaborate with StaFi in building convenient and friendly DEX platform system which will enhance interest bearing tokens for designation of exchange rate chain for token holders.

• Integration of rToken into the WrapFi protocol system

Trading tokens like rATOM will be integrate into StaFi platform system, likewise rToken will also be implement on WrapFi protocol system, as a strategic means of strengthen the bond between both platform which will enhance effective transaction and exchange of tokens between the users of both platforms.

• Features of WRA

WRA token offers discount in trading fee, the token can also be used in governance ecosystem of WrapFi platform for business proposal and for protocol income generation for investors.

• Token Circulation

To ensure evenly distributed of WRA token during the launching of Genesis phase project, mining of liquidity assets needs to be exploit through minting of StaFi customized tokens known as rToken and also from the liquidity providers.

Maximum token reservation is also a predeterminate factor which will enhance the WrapFi token holders to receive the maximum incentives benefits in order to encourage the users of the platform further especially the fluidity providers and DEX traders in the protocol system.

• Plan of Fair Launch

To accomplish a complete fair launching program, maximum percentage of tokens will be evenly distributed for community members to motivates them in promoting and building IBT ecosystem at large as follows:

• rToken Stakers.

Stakers that have interest in receiving airdrop must stake either one of the five tokens rATOM, rKSM, rDOT, rETH, or rFIS in the WrapFi staking or Farming pool.

• rETH Validators

The platform validators need to explore nodes on the rETH platform system as a means of promoting the products on Genesis system.

• WRA farming Program

This program is technically design to motivate the traders and liquidity provider service in the system platform which will runs for duration of three months, after then the distribution will take place to reward the community members that participate in the program in promoting the platform system.


The strategic relationship between StaFi and WrapFi will enhance the Liquidity providers and users that frequently trade to explore the application further for more incentives reward benefits.

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